Aganetha Dyck is a Canadian whose current research is based on interspecies communication between humans and honeybees. Working in a collaborative process with the insects, she creates sculptural and visual representations of this communication in a way that neither party could have created individually. Top photo: Vogue clear heels, altered by the bees, Bottom left: Queen, Beework on figurine of Queen Elizabeth II andBottom right: Dry cleaner hanger series

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Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris (by Andrew Eberlin)

The Forest Spirit, god of life and death

— Lao Tzu (via heartsofclearestglass)

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How can you hurt the people you love the most? Well, thats a question I’ve been asking myself my whole life, but I’ve never quite been able to figure out why I constantly keep falling into the same pattern of destruction. I’ve always been terrible with emotions, always disconnected and withdrawn from how I truly felt. I would hide away my feelings from fear of being rejected or being ignored, and because of those fears I’ve never been able to experience love. Real, passionate love — and I craved it more than anything. And for once I had it. I had the most beautiful kind of love that could exist, and when I look back, all I can think is how stupid I was to give it all up. Yes, I gave up what I longed for most in life. Perhaps I was scared; completely overwhelmed by the emotions I had never felt before. Confused, lost, and tangled in the darkest most corrupt parts of my mind, but I lost him. They say when someone cheats they don’t love you. Or when someone cheats, you left their mind long enough for them to fall into the arms of another, but after all I’ve been through I can confirm both those statements as false. He never left my mind, not for one split second. I should have stopped, god, I should have bolted straight to the door, but I just laid there, numb at the reality of my own impulsive decisions. How could I have been so heartless? I have tried and tried to prove my sincerity to him, even after he took me back. I have done everything to prove to him that I was truly and honestly regretful but he didn’t believe me. He told me that I didn’t understand how he felt as I sat in bed crying from the disgust I had towards myself. One month later, I am alone with my thoughts. Haunting and mocking me with regret and guilt. I see him every day and I can see the destruction I caused through his eyes, and I so hopelessly long to throw my arms around his shoulders and tell him everything is going to be okay, just as I did whenever his mind would overpower his soul. But this time I’m the cause of his pain and sadly, all I can do is watch. Watch the mess I made completely consume the boy I love, and it hurts in ways you can’t imagine. I never pictured myself cheating, and I can promise that I will never even dream about doing it again, but unfortunately it’s too late. Too late for regret and apologies, too late to think about what I should have done or should have said. Its fair to say that this past month has been the worst month of my existence. I lost the only person I’ve ever been able to love unconditionally, but it has completely changed me in every way possible. Through all the tears and frustration, I have found myself. I’m no longer the person I was in July: heartless, emotionless and cold. I have learned that I am in fact capable of love and even though there is no excuse for what I did, I deserve someone who believes that our love is stronger than our mistakes. Although it hurts now, August will fade away along with all the pain and guilt. And as time ticks by I will continue to learn and grow as an individual, just as every human on this planet is here to do. Because after all, with all destruction, comes creation.

— a rivertooth story i wrote for english  (via mooonstruck)

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Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

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